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5-Amazing Habits to Avoid Spinal Disorders

5-amazing habits to avoid spinal disorders

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Today’s hectic lifestyle has taken us to the verge of having numerous medical conditions and the spinal problem is one of them. Sitting on a chair for long office hours is very harmful to our back and spinal health. Low physical activity for long hours also leads to an increased risk of developing diabetes, cholesterol, and digestive disorders.

Health experts suggest not to sit on a chair for too long and take frequent short breaks after every hour or 90 minutes. They also suggest maintaining the right posture while sitting on a chair.

Even after taking all these precautions, some of us may start suffering from backache or spinal problems. Now, you need to change some habits and postures while sleeping, which are described below:

Take enough Sleep

Doctors always recommend to take optimum rest or sleep when you are dealing with backache or spinal disorders. Take blissful sleep at least for 7-8 in order to avoid stiffness and sore muscles.


Spend some time in sunlight to absorb vitamin D, which is very good for your muscle and bone health. If it is not possible in summers, try to take vitamin D in winters instead.

Maintain the diet

Your diet plays a very important role in maintaining your health as it provides vitamins, minerals, and protein to the body. A protein-based diet helps you to recover your muscle tissues. It is always recommended to include low-fat milk, eggs, and nuts like almonds and peanuts to maintain your bone and muscle health.

Replace old mattress with a medium-firm mattress

If you are using more than 10 years old mattress, you must replace it ASAP with a medium-firm mattress to support your spine and for relief in back pain. No matter if your old mattress is still soft or spongy, it’s time to buy a new one.

Buy Wakeup orthopaedic mattresses online to support your serious spinal conditions. They are made while reserving a factor in mind, which is to provide the required support to your joints and muscles that help you avoid stiffness.

Keep a pillow under your knees

When you are sleeping in a straight position, do not forget to keep a soft cushioned pillow under your knees to get a relaxing spinal posture.

These 5 important tips will help you to get some serious health benefits if you are doing them regularly.

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