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Get Comfortable & Blissful Sleep with Wakeup Mattresses

Get comfortable & blissful sleep with wakeup mattresses

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Do you think that a hard surface or an uncomfortable mattress does not impact your quality sleep?

The kind of surface and cushioning in your mattresses always matter while sleeping.

Well, from the sleeping surface to the room temperature, multiple factors take control over the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should be designed and cushioned so smartly that your spine and back get enough comfort while sleeping, which is required to wake you up with full energy the next day.

A good quality mattress is a perfect combination of comfort and support, providing a good posture to your spinal cord while sleeping.

Likewise, Wakeup has brought all those comfortable dimensions and ergonomics to all of its mattresses, which provide optimum comfort to the joints and muscles around your spinal cord.

What makes Wakeup Mattresses perfect for sound sleep?

Medium Firm

Doctors recommend ‘medium firm’ equipped mattress for quality sleep. Thus, Wakeup always uses a medium firm while designing its mattresses.

High Resilience Foam

HRF is a polyurethane foam that has much higher responsiveness than memory foam, keeping your body in better comfort while sleeping. It also offers better supportive feel to your spinal structure.

Neem infused knitted fabric

The Neem infused knitted fabric helps to maintain rash-free skin. It is also good to improve your breathing while sleeping.

Double-sided Mattresses

It is crafted smartly to fulfil the job for both soft and hard cushioning, according to the need, meaning you can flip it as per your sleeping needs.

Double lifespan

As we get an extra side for using it, the tear and wear also divide into two, which increases the lifespan of a mattress. All you need to flip it and your bed is ready to sleep.

There are different segments of mattresses that are designed by Wakeup to cater to the need of people with multiple cushioning requirements.

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